In this episode, Bob provides tips and pointers on how to travel healthy no matter where you go. Check out the video below, and the original script below the video!

It has been a tough year.  When you have not been at the office, you have been driving the kids to soccer, grocery shopping and cooking, or building a solar system out of ping pong balls.  And on the rare occasion, you made it to the gym for a quick workout.  

Well now it is time for a vacation and you want to go somewhere fun, relaxing so you can come back feeling great. Now nothing kills that euphoric post vacation high like gained weight on your holiday so your trip has to be healthy too!

Whatever your plans – a family road trip, a tropical cruise, or relaxing on the beach – you can avoid gaining those pounds and I am going to tell you how.

If you are flying, you can follow the following pointers to make the trip healthier:

  • Try to eat a healthy meal before you leave for the airport. You’ll be less likely to munch on high-calorie snacks just because they’re around or because you are bored.

  • If eating in an airport, search for healthy foods selections. Look for salads, fresh fruit, and grilled chicken and fish.

  • Airports are full of exercise opportunities. After all you are always walking someplace.

  • For the flight, call your airline in advance to see if a special meal is available. Standard airline meals are full of fat and calories.  Try to order a diabetic, low-fat, vegetarian or kosher meal.

  • Even better is to bring some healthy food with you for the flight. Now the food can not need refrigeration or be bulky or heavy.  Try the new pouches of tuna fish, salmon or chicken which are right next to the canned tuna at the supermarket.  They do not need refrigeration, are much lighter and smaller and taste a lot better than canned fish or meats. Buy a green salad at one of the airport’s restaurants and mix them together. It will make a delicious and healthy meal.

  • Now flying can easily dehydrate you, so drink plenty of water. Drinking one glass per hour in flight will ward off dehydration and jet lag.

  • And finally, every hour get up and walk around the plane.  It will help pass the time on a long flight and prevent your legs and knees from cramping up.  You might also talk with some interesting people which also will also make the flight seem shorter.

Are you planning on cruising?  I don’t mean driving down Sunset Boulevard in a 1966 Chevrolet. I mean taking one of those amazing floating resorts.  They are a lot of fun but there is literally hot and cold running food 24 hours a day.  But you can have fun, eat great food and not look like one of the whales swimming in the ocean around the ship.

  • If you choose to eat at a buffet, don’t go back for seconds. Fill ½ of your plate with vegetables, lean meats and fish. Then take small portions of the other foods that you want to try. Now don’t forget dessert, after all you are on vacation, just share it with your travel companion.

  • On the days that you want to have a special, more fattening meal, try to eat lighter the rest of the day with grilled fish, chicken and vegetables.

  • Most cruises offer a healthier "spa menu"  so order from this when you can. They are usually full of very flavorful and simply prepared meals.

  • And finally, try to do some exercise every day. Although virtually all ships have complete gyms, aerobics classes and pools, exercise can be found in many other activities. First cruise ships are usually 12 or more stories tall.  Avoid the elevators and take the stairs when you can.  It is great exercise and you will meet lots of interesting people.  Also walk around the ship. They are really fun to explore. At night go dancing in the disco and boogie woogie woogie those calories away.  and in the morning, take a walk around the promenade deck while enjoying the sights and fresh air.  There is nothing like the sea air to start the day properly, even if you wake up at the crack of noon!

If you’re traveling by car, you are going to be sitting a lot doing nothing and buring few calories. You will also be eating at fast food and limited menu restaurants which often have very unhealthy menu items.

  • Pack a cooler full of healthy snacks and light meals like fresh veggies and fruits, bottled water, low-fat yogurt, turkey sandwiches on whole wheat bread and popcorn.

  • Now Don’t skip meals and eat a healthy snack every 2-3 hours. When you are super hungry you tend to order fattening foods and eat too much.  Plus the constant energy levels will keep you alert at the wheel.

  • Avoid eating full meals in the car.  It is a good idea to stop every 2-3 hours to go to the restroom, eat and take a short walk.  Back in the car, you’ll be more alert and energetic.

  • And when you do eat at fast food restaurants, choose the healthiest possible items available.  Go for the grilled chicken salads with light or fat free dressings or the grilled chicken sandwiches.  Forget the fries, mayo, special sauces, cheese and heavy dressings. Instead use a small amount of ketchup or mustard on the sandwiches and have a piece of fruit.  

Once you get to your destination there are many things you can do to have a great time and still be able to fit in the coach airline seat on your return home.

  • When you are picking a hotel to stay in, choose one that has refrigerators available for their guest rooms. Although many hotels have them in all of their rooms, just about all hotels will put a cube refrigerator in for a small fee. If you tell them that you have a medical need for one, they may even waive the fee.  Now you can find a nearby grocery and buy some healthy snacks.

  • Many hotels have fitness rooms which are free to their guests.  Now don’t expect a huge gym with every type of machine or weight you may want. They are usually relatively small with some treadmills and a small selection of machines and dumbbells, enough equipment to get a basic workout.  If that is not enough, most hotels have agreements with a local gyms offering free or discounted day passes.

  • Also if the hotel has a pool, use it.  A morning swim is a great way to start the day and swimming is a fantastic way to burn calories.

  • If you are staying in a large resort, take long daily walks around the property and enjoy the scenery while working off last night's dinner. Who knows who you might meet?

So you getting ready to leave and you have followed these suggestions.  One final thought, don’t forget to pack your workout clothes, sneakers,bathing suit and sun tan lotion.

If you follow my suggestions, you should be able to go on vacation, have a great time and still fit in your work clothes when you get home. Yes you have to go back to work. But at least your friends will be jealous of how well rested and young you look when you get back.