In this episode of Livin' Lite Livin' Easy, Bob provides tips and pointers on how to relieve stress, even when you're at your limit. Check out the video below, and the original script below the video!

Is your stress level at a 10? Do you feel like your head's about to explode? Are there times you want to climb to the top of Cinderella’s castle at Disney World with an automatic rifle and really make it a Small World After All? Everyone gets stressed, and whether it is from work, family, friends, or money -- we all want to know one thing: how to control stress without going to Disney jail.

Now, one of the most common methods for managing and relieving stress is to do some physical activity. Moving in general is a great way of relieving stress. Go to the gym, take a yoga class, go for a run, or go to an aerobics class -- no matter what you choose, it all will help to lower your stress level. Plus, you have the added benefit of staying in shape.

Now laughing helps lower your cortisol level, which is the hormone that controls stress. Watch a funny tv show, video or movie and laugh, laugh and laugh.  

Also, do something you enjoy. Cook, clean or play a musical instrument. Or find a body of water.  The beach, a waterfall or even a fountain.  Thinking about the water and its sound, and not the stress, will help to lower your stress level.

If you are not a gym rat or at work, and not near a gym, then try meditation. Relax and breathe deeply. Essentially what you’re doing is relaxing your brain and your body, and allowing yourself to calm down. Deep breathing is also a great way to lower your heartbeat and to reduce your blood pressure -- an added benefit your cardiologist will love.

Another way to relieve stress is to talk to a friend, and tell them what's bothering you. Chances are, they’ll have gone through something similar and be able to tell you how they handled it. And, it always is good to vent.

Interestingly, some people find that writing down your stressful issues will help you focus without getting overwhelmed.  In this case the pen is mightier than the sword.

Try drinking tea -- tea has about half of the caffeine of coffee, and it is great for relieving stress because of theanine -- theanine is an amino acid that helps in stress relief, by calming your nervous system.

Try putting a hot towel around your neck for a 10-15 minutes. It is a great way to not only calm yourself and relieve stress, but also to relax your muscles. If you can, get a massage -- it will really help calm you and lower that stress level. Most malls have chair massage kiosks that offer $1.00 per minute massages. If you can’t afford to go and get a massage or don’t have time for one, buy a self massager and spend 5-10 minutes per day, or more, massaging your neck. they’re available for as low as $11 online.

Similarly, try taking a bath. A bath has a known effect to calm you, and thus, reduce stress. And, it is even more relaxing, and water saving, is to take a bath with a friend.  

Music, and sound in general, is also a great way to relieve stress. Find some nature sounds that calm you, or some songs that you love that calm you, create a playlist, and listen to it while you’re doing other things -- such as working out or doing work.

Now, for what not to do.

Resist the urge to shop.  That will only create more stress when the credit card bills comes in the mail.  

Also, as inviting as it may seem,  don’t pig out. Don’t change your diet or stray from what you normally eat because you’re stressed. All you will do is have another thing to be stressed about when you realize you don’t fit into your jeans anymore.

On the topic of food, let’s talk about what to eat to relieve stress. Carrots, yogurt, avocado, asparagus, nuts, fish, berries, chocolate, and bananas all can help reduce your stress level. Just whatever you eat, make sure it’s healthy and eat in moderation.  

And finally, we should talk about what is causing your stress: if it is work, remember that a bigger paycheck may not be worth the added stress -- especially if it makes you always worry about work or keeps you from enjoying things or spending time with friends and family. If your stress is from a relationship, maybe it’s time to dump them.

I hope that I’ve been able to provide you with some great ways to relieve stress