It is just about March 1, and for most of the country that means that warm weather is not far away.  It also means that it will soon be time to wear light t-shirts and shorts and put away all of those bulky hoodies and pants that hide the winter’s extra 10 lbs of winter weight. Yes, soon you will be showing it all off — your body that is.

So now is the time to get to the gym and start working out. The treadmills and stationary bikes are calling you.  There are racks of dumbbells and weight plates and rows of machines and weight benches that miss you, too. Don’t wait too long or you will be looking foolish in those bulky clothes while everyone else is in bathing suits and shorts.

Also, it is time to start watching what you eat.  For most people it is pretty simple: consume less calories than you burn and you will lose weight (consume more calories than you burn and you will gain weight.)  Time to cut those carbs and fat, and increase the protein in your diet.  And of course, cut those portion sizes to cut calories. 

For workout ideas watch the Bob Caputo Living Well workout videos, and for diet ideas watch the Bob Caputo Living Well Lifestyle videos on our site,   

Also, take some pictures of yourself in underwear and keep it on your phone and refrigerator. When you feel like cheating or not going to the gym just look at the picture. That should scare you into conforming.  

Also, send me progress photos and we will be posting them on our website.